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Estate Tax Reform
As Congress is placing the final touches on a $1.35 trillion tax-cut package, that in its current form includes a phase-out of the federal estate tax, values-based estate planning pioneer Scott Fithian addresses the question, "Is Your Career About to Be Repealed?"
Estate Tax Reform
In last week's edition of Gift Planner's Digest, Scott Fithian discussed how estate tax reform will require planners to change the way they do business. In this continuation of his article, he describes how to motivate clients to take action in this new planning...
When Congress passed new capital gains tax rates and holding period rules with the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997, it did not specify how the new rules apply to charitable remainder trust distributions. In this edition of Planned Giving Online, PGDC editorial review panel...
In this edition of Planned Giving Online, PGDC editors take a behind the scenes look at the lobbying activity surrounding the "Charitable IRA Rollover" legislation and explore the "Charitable Gift Annuity Tuition Plan."
The Joint Committee on Taxation released a summary of the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1999 (H.R. 2488). Although President Clinton has threatened the bill would be dead on arrival at his desk, the editors of PGDC believe that charitable gift planners would benefit by having...

H.R. 8 (the "Death Tax Elimination Act of 2000"), if signed into law, would repeal the estate, gift, and generation-skipping taxes beginning in the year 2010. Further, H.R. 8 would require assets at death to have a carryover basis (rather than being "stepped-up" to...

Although H.R. 8, the Death Tax Elimination Act of 2000 was vetoed last week by President Clinton, it may still be enacted into law. This article continues the discussion from Part I, which outlined in detail the various changes that would occur over the next decade if...

This article explores the legislative process involved in making the tax rules governing charitable giving. Part II of this article will explore the regulatory process. This review of the processes involved in making the rules assist the reader in understanding and...


The second article in this two-part series explores the regulatory process involved in making the tax rules governing charitable giving, including the roles of the IRS and Treasury.

As planners are still scratching their heads trying to figure out the effect of the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001, and more importantly how to explain it to clients and donors, former Treasury Department Office of Tax Policy attorneys...
30 Jun 2004 | Legislative | National Publication | Article | 4 comments
Staff Proposes New Taxes, Filings, Fees and Prohibitions
In response to the Senate Finance Committee's staff draft report and hearing last week regarding charity abuse, Washington, D.C. attorneys Mark B. Weinberg and Barnaby Zall have responded point-by-point with their opinions regarding proposals that would affect...
28 Oct 2004 | Legislative | National Publication | Article | 5 comments
During the past few years corporate and nonprofit management and financial scandals have been at the top of the news. In the wake of federal Sarbanes-Oxley legislation, California has enacted a new law to bring increased accountability to nonprofits and commercial...

Although we have published individual articles regarding selected charitable provisions of the Pension Protection Act of 2006, when distinguished Philadelphia attorney Richard L. Fox, who also chairs the Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy program at The American...

8 Apr 1998 | Legislative | National Publication | News story
Flat Tax or X-Tax? PGDC Chief Legal Editor Emil Kallina comments on the progress of tax reform proposals and how the charitable deduction is faring.
21 Sep 1998 | Legislative | National Publication | News story
On September 17, 1998 the House Ways and Means Committee passed H.R. 4579, the "Taxpayer Relief Act of 1998," that, if enacted, would make permanent IRC 170(e)(5). That section, which enables taxpayers to deduct gifts of "qualified appreciated stock" held long-term by...
22 Oct 1998 | Legislative | National Publication | News story
President Clinton has signed the Tax and Trade Relief Extension Act of 1998 after it was passed by the Senate yesterday. This Act makes permanent the fair market value deduction for qualified appreciated stock contributions to private foundations. The deduction is...
31 Dec 1998 | Legislative | National Publication | News story
The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) approved a model regulatory act and a model exemption act for charitable gift annuities at its December 7, 1998 meeting. The NAIC is sending these acts, along with the minutes from its meeting, to all state...
8 Feb 1999 | Legislative | National Publication | News story
A Bill was introduced which, if passed, would prohibit charitable split-dollar insurance. The charitable tax deductions will be disallowed on a retroactive basis and a charity engaging in a split-dollar arrangement in life insurance with a private individual after 2/4/...
10 Feb 1999 | Legislative | National Publication | News story
House Ways and Means Committee Chair Bill Archer and ranking Democrat, Charles Rangel have introduced a second bill designed to eliminate the use of charitable split-dollar life insurance.
19 Mar 1999 | Legislative | National Publication | News story
In H.R. 969, Rep. Mark E. Souder proposes to increase the amount of the charitable deduction and to allow such deduction to individuals who do not itemize their deductions.
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