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The first modern gift annuity contract committed Yale to making fixed payments for the unknowable length of a person's life. Attorney Peter Augustus Jay adapted complex ideas drawn from his experience with life insurance, pensions, and banking for charitable...
11 Aug 2014 | Charitable Gift Annuity | National Publication, Ron Brown | Article | 1 comments
Part 1 of a Series
America fell in love with gift annuities in the 1920s. In their enthusiasm for receiving gifts in exchange for fixed, lifetime payments, too many charities committed avoidable errors. George Huggins proposed a solution based on actuarial science. Over ten...
Ten Commercial Immediate Annuity Applications in Gift Planning: A Case Study Approach
Following Part I of Immediate Annuities and Gift Planning, 10 case studies are presented below to illustrate how immediate annuities can provide solutions in unique charitable planning scenarios. by Bryan K. Clontz President - Charitable...
Part 2: Gift Annuities on the Brink
Part 1 of this series tells of an emergency Conference on Annuities convened on April 29, 1927 to address a looming crisis: too many charitable organizations were issuing gift annuity contracts with too little understanding of long-term financial and...
Part 3.1: A Gift Annuity Campaign Catches Fire - Introduction
Philanthropic planners owe a tremendous debt to the American Bible Society, which captured the attention of the country with its gift annuity campaign in the 1920s, raising millions of dollars for its mission and inspiring many other charities to start life-income...
Part 3.2: A Gift Annuity Campaign Catches Fire - Annuity Bond Marketing
Ron Brown continues his series on the evolution of Gift Annuities as a mainstream giving tool. By: Ron Brown Marketing Charitable Gifts as Annuity Bonds    Given the consumer demand for family financial security, it is not...
Part 3.3: A Gift Annuity Campaign Catches Fire - ABS Campaign
Ron Brown continues the journey into the birth of the Charitable Gift Annuity. By: Ron Brown The ABS Annuity Bond Campaign of 1919-1925 In June of 1919, his fourth month as Financial Secretary, Frank Mann was “all in” for the aggressive...
Part 4 of Calculating Gifts: George A. Huggins and the Conferences on Annuities, 1927-1959
Contributing author Ron Brown continues with part 4 of his exploration of the history of gift annuities. By: Ron Brown In the long history of charitable gift planning in America, no period is more important than the 1920s.  Thousands of...
George A. Huggins and the Conference on Annuities, 1927-1959
Ron Brown continues his in depth exploration of Gift Annuity history discussing the abuses in the American life insurance industry, regulatory reforms by New York State, and how today's design of planned gift programs was shaped by public policy decisions in the...
George A. Huggins and the Conference on Annuities, 1927-1959
Ron Brown discovers surprising historical relationships among life insurance, pensions, and gift annuities in his latest essay. Why did gift annuity contracts aim to provide 70% for charitable services, and just 30% to finance life annuity payments? III....
The American Council on Gift Annuities has announced new suggested annuity rates for immediate and deferred payment charitable gift annuities that are effective July 1, 2001. The new rates have been reduced for most ages. PGDC SUMMARY: The American...
On September 19, 2002, the PGDC reported and commented on the North American Securities Administrators Association's (NASAA) Top 10 List of Investment Scams. Unfortunately, charitable gift annuities were included on that list. Now, the American Council on Gift...
Frank Minton, Chair of the Gift Annuity Rates Committee of the American Council on Gift Annuities has announced that at its regular spring meeting on May 12, 2003, the Board of the American Council on Gift Annuities approved a reduction in the recommended maximum gift...
The American Council on Gift Annuities has published its suggested charitable gift annuity rates that will be effective July 1, 2003, along with an explanation of the changes. PGDC Summary: The American Council on Gift Annuities has published its...
At its meeting on May 5, 2004 in Orlando, immediately prior to the ACGA conference, the ACGA board approved the recommendation of the Gift Annuity Rates Committee to continue the current gift annuity rates for another year. Unless unforeseen circumstances should...
The American Council on Gift Annuities (ACGA) conducts a survey every five years to learn the state of charitable gift annuity programs in the United States. The 2009 survey is particularly important. Charities rely on the survey results for evaluating their gift...
3 May 2010 | Charitable Gift Annuity | National Publication | News story | 3 comments
The American Council on Gift Annuities board of directors held its semi-annual meeting on April 28, 2010. At the meeting the Rates Committee recommended a new schedule of gift annuity rates effective July 1, 2010. Full Text: The American Council on Gift...
The Board of Directors of the American Council on Gift Annuities has approved a new schedule of suggested maximum gift annuity rates for gifts established on or after July 1, 2011. Full Text: In April, the Board of Directors of the American Council on...
Facts Helen Green is 75 years old. Within her investment portfolio she owns tax-exempt bonds with a current fair market value of $100,000. The bonds are currently yielding only 4.5%. Mrs. Green is in the 31% income tax bracket. Planning Goals Mrs....
Artist John Trumbull offered to give his best paintings of the American Revolution to Yale in exchange for "a competent annuity for life." Gift planner Benjamin Silliman devoted 18 months to making this proposed gift a reality. His first challenge was securing...
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Define: Charitable Gift Annuity

A charitable gift annuity is described generally as a transaction in which an individual transfers cash or property to a charitable organization in exchange for the charity's promise to make fixed annuity payments to one or two life annuitants.

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